Dr Robert Sarkany
Consultant Dermatologist

About Dr Sarkany

Dr. Sarkany is the Head of Photodermatology (sometimes called "Photobiology") at St. John's Institute of Dermatology in London. He also works at the Lister Hospital (Chelsea, London) and Shirley Oaks Hospital in Surrey.

As well as seeing patients with sunlight allergy problems , he also treats patients for all skin cancers, rashes, hair and nail problems in children and adults and ultraviolet light therapy (Phototherapy).


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A guide for people suffering from unpleasant skin reactions to the sun and to sunlight.

By Dr. Robert Sarkany, FRCP MD

Many people suffer from unpleasant and uncomfortable skin reactions to sunlight. There are, in fact, several different diseases, with different causes and treatments, which can cause reactions to sunlight.
The details of each light sensitivity disease are outlined in this guide, but if you have a skin problem with sunlight, the key is to find the cause i.e. to diagnose which type of sun sensitivity you have.

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